Our directors have been responsible for many large projects.

hopper, bins and FEA
Unit, townhouse, apartment and residential
400 tonne live storage dump hopper including steel support structure and dump hopper bridge, Structural package management. Finite element analysis of the hopper by Strand7 .
Undertaking detailed design calculations and modelling of (slabs, beams, columns, foundations). Projects utilising specialist design analysis software packages, whilst complying with Australian Standards. Applications of design and analysis software such as MICROSTAN , SALBS .
worshop, warehouse and industial
culvert, retaining wall, noise wall, tilt up panel and infrastructure
Barwon Region Water Corporation – Emergency Storage Detailed Dgn Ocean Grove #4, detailed design of OG #4 Emergency Storage building.
Culvert design of (Hunter Industrial Park Culvert design on Tomago Rd, Logan Rd and Invermore St intersection Design).
Overhead wire
composte, and bridge design
Hornsby Platform 5 & Stabling Project – Hornsby, NSW: Structural design of new Overhead Wiring Support Structures (OHWS) and checking of existing OHWS for new loading configurations.
Darling Walk Redevelopment – Pedestrain Bridge, Analysis and design of composite girder of pedestrian bridge.
car dumper
Boodarie Yard Project WA – preliminary structural design of CD6 car dumper structure, this includes design of dump hopper, dump hopper building and concrete support structure. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the whole building has been completed by using Strand7 .
Greenbank & Southpine SVC’s – Brisbane, Design equipment footings, noise walls and buildings for SVC. Finite Element Analysis of the base plate of base plate of noise wall.
crane girder
Bengalla Coal Mine – NSW, carry out structural investigation of the existing 30 tonnes crane runway girder. Provided suggestion of new fabricated beam and solutions to fix the current beam to operate under the proposed load.
Structural design of small building (Weighbridge Security Hut, and Newcastle- Office Mktg Structure and Building).
dirve station, transfer tower, conveyors and steel structure
noise wall and FEA, Strand7 and Ansys
Structural analysis and design of the hopper support strucutre and several types of elevated gantry modules.
Structural design of 7.5km of noise walls. Finite Element Analysis of the baseplate of steel column of noise wall.